Diversity, equity, & inclusion practice

Inspired by the article Ten Simple Rules for Building an Anti-Racist Research Lab, we, the members of the Shiu lab, commit to the following actions:

We will read relevant literatures on anti-discrimination practices for monthly discussions with the goals to:

  • Consider our perspectives
  • Know when and how to speak up

2. Establish a lab “DEI intermediary”:

We will have lab members serving as intermediaries in six month rotations to:

  • Act as a confidente of DEI-related complaints and feedback.
  • Communicate with PI on DEI-related issues that need to be resolved.
  • Moderate bi-annual evalution of mentoring practices in the lab.

3. Publishing and grant writing with minority colleagues

We will actively:

  • Identify minority colleagues with similar research interests
  • Seek research collaborations with the ultimate goals of joint publications and proposals.

4. Intentionally recruit minority students and staff

The PI as well as the lab members will:

  • Identify minority applicants through graduate programs, summer research programs, meetings, and other venues.
  • Conduct annual evaulation of recruitment practice in our lab.

5. Advocate and support actions of minority colleagues

We will:

  • Support efforts to organize at the departmental and inter-departmental levels
  • Advocate for diversity in leadership in science in our institution and beyond.

6. Remind ourself why we are doing this

We will:

  • Hold ourselves and the powerful accountable
  • Not seek any payback or gratitude for anti-discriminatory practices.