Lab Fun

When we aren't sciencing....

04/22/23: ASPB Midwest Conference

Having fun traveling to Iowa for the Midwest ASPB conference. We love the science and food!

11/18/22: Lab meeting and food

We like to eat food and talk about science (& food).

10/28/21: Pumpkin Carving

Embracing the fall spirit by carving pumpkins.

11/19/20: Among Us

We had our lab meeting on a space ship and it turns out that there were imposters among us! (The general concensus was that Shinhan was usually the imposter.)

8/13/20: Outdoor Lab Party

The lab met in Shinhan and Melissa’s driveway for an outdoor, socially distanced party. Everyone brought pre-packaged snacks to share. This was the first time the lab had met in person since March!