Want to join us?

Postdoctoral scientists

We are currently recruiting a research associate to work on a DOE funded project in understanding the genetic bases of traits of a bioenergy crop, switchgrass using computational approaches. If you are interested, please apply through this page:

Graduate students

We are always looking for motivated students who are interested in multi-disciplinary works to bring experimental and computational biology together. We’d suggest that you contact the PI (shius at msu dot edu) and inquire.

If you are interested in working in our lab, please apply to one of graduate programs below and state your interest about our lab in your application. There are four degree granting programs in Michigan State Shinhan is affiliated with:

In addition, Shinhan is also affiliated with two inter-departmental programs that require affiliation with one of the above degree granting units:

Undergraduate student

We are always interested in hiring qualified students (particuarly those early in their college experiences) for hourly position (10-20 hours per week, $10-15 per hour, rate depending on experiences and qualifications).

Applicants should provide the following information in one file and send it to shius at msu dot edu:

  1. CV that includes:
    • Contact info, particularly email.
    • Education
    • Awards
    • Your personal interests in research
  2. The names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of 1-2 professional references (preferably faculty/staff at MSU).